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The NS Pro 750 GH shafts features an amazing 75 gram weight whilst offering players the feeling of power and performance once only found in shafts weighing above 120 grams.

This is achieved though a process unique to Nippon Shaft where a Tetra-Axial Carbon Fibre Wrap (four wound graphite filaments - see pictures below) is applied to the butt section of the shafts.

The NS Pro 750 GH shaft is a showcase of advanced technologies making this shaft the lightest NS pro shaft in history.

  • The Lightest N.S.PRO steel shaft ever.
  • Improved grip strength for a stable, fluid swing.
  • Faster head speed makes finding your tempo easy.
  • Four light, strong graphite filament sheets (Tetra-Axis) for less vibrations.
  • Revolutionary grip for ultimate accuracy.
  • The carry distance of graphite, the control of steel.



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NS Pro 1150 GH NS Pro
Graphite Series
Product Flex Length in.
(Count No)
Weight (g) Balance Point (%) Torque ft/bs() Kick Point Butt Tip
RI-2K16 PRO R 38.5"~35.0"
(#3~9, W)
79.0 51.2 2.2 Tip 15.25
SI-2K16 PRO S 38.5"~35.0"
(#3~9, W)
83.0 51.2 2.1 Tip 15.25
**also available in parallel tip shafts

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